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Hunting & Fishing Trips

Quality Trip
Each year the Club sponsors a drawing for a quality hunting or fishing trip and the winner plans the trip, decides what type of game or fish will be taken, where the trip will take place and when the trip will be scheduled during the year of award.  The Quality Trip rules and brief descriptions of previous Club member trips can be seen by clicking on Quality Trips.

International Hunting Trips

A number of Club members have taken the opportunity to hunt game in different countries and have presented, through various means, their experiences and shared photographs taken during the trips.  This web page provides another way to provide information about the trips and share these experiences with all Club members.  The Richland Rod and Gun Club encourages members who may participate in international hunts or fishing trips to  submit a brief paragraph of their experiences and some photographs so they may be included on this web page.

The trips are listed by year and name - click on the name to veiw a description of the trip with photos.

 Year 2005

  Year 2006

  Year 2007

   Year 2010

Noteworthy Trips

These are special hunting or fishing trip that members have taken where they have achieved a goal or unique experience that they want to share with the Club.

Rocky, Howard, & Larry hunted the Pasayten Wilderness for deer and bear. It is some of the most spectacular wild country in the State of Washington.  It's also the most grueling, rugged area in the State to hunt.  Rocky's journal describes the hunt in great detail.

Year 2012    
                         John Prather's Middle Fork Salmon River Trip

        John, Andy, David & Bill took a great trip down the
        Middle Fork Salmon River in the Fall of 2012.  The
        hunting, fishing and rafting trip started at Indian
        Creek and continued downriver for about 10 miles
        to Thomas Creek.  

Year 2005
Bob Kolowith - Trophy Bighorn Sheep

Inspired by seeing wild sheep for the first time while on a fishing trip on the Grande Ronde River in the 1970s, Bob spent the next 30 years putting in for sheep permits.  After over three decades of rejection, he was notified that he'd been drawn for a coveted California bighorn sheep tag in his home state of Washington.  Accompanied by his friend, Jerry Bloom and his son Mark, Bob had a hunt he'll remember forever.  He was determined only to take a mature ram, and only in the presence of his two hunting partners, for deep and meaningful reasons that went beyond the size of the trophy.  In the end, he didn't have to sacrifice either when be took an outstanding ram.  Bob wrote an article about the hunt and it was published in the Eastmans' Hunting Journal - EHJ issue 116 Dec/Jan 10.  This article was published in 2009.  To see the cover page for the article click on Successful Trophy Hunters

Year 2002 - 2008

Arlen Schade - Wild Turkey World Slam

Starting in 2002 Arlen began hunting for wild turkeys and by 2008 he has taken five subspecies of the wild turkey - Rio Grande, Eastern, Osceloa, Goulds, and the Merriam's turkey.  This year (2009) he hunted for the Mexican Ocellated and was successful.  He now has a World Slam for wild turkeys - fantastic!.  Click here to see the turkeys.