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NW Wild Game

NW Wild Game
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Northwest Wild Game - Then and Now

A major source of historical information thatReplica of Ft. Clatsop, OR
     Winter Quarters 1805
describes the types and abundance of wild game in the Northwest was recorded during the Lewis and Clark expedition that took place between 1805 and 1806.  During the winter of 1805-1806 they camped at the mouth of the Columbia River where they constructed Ft. Clatsop.  Lewis and Clark assembled their notes and documented the various types of big game, upland game, waterfowl, fish and shellfish they encountered during the expedition.  Their day-to-day existence relied on finding and hunting wild game and much of their success resulted from maintaining good relations with the Native Americans who had significant knowledge on how to survive off the land.

There have not been major changes in the number of species in the Northwest with the exception of upland game birds and fish where several new species have been introduced.  The abundance of wild game and fish has gone down since the time of Lewis and Clark because of modern development and environmental changes.  However,  The Northwest is a great place to hunt and fish primarily due to good management of fish and game by the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Canada departments of fish and wildlife.

For more information on wild game species that were identified by Lewis and Clark and the current types of fish and game in the Northwest click on the above links.