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1909 Cooked Trout

 To Cook Trout in the Forest

First catch your trout.

Then with a sharp knife split lengthwise along the spine from the inside, cutting from the front while holding the fish on its back on a log, stump or piece of bark.

Salt and pepper plentifully the separated halves on their cut sides, allowing them to remain several hours or over night in a covered pan, then they may be well rolled in flour or cornmeal and dropped, salted side down, into a skillet of hot fat (bear's lard if obtainable), and fried over embers left from a fire of fir or hemlock bark, turning the pieces over after a short time.  Do not cover the skillet.

Trout under one-half pound in weight may be similarly treated without splitting.

Grant W. Humes
 Washington Women's Cook Book - 1909