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Marinade Recipes
1877 Marinade

1877 Marinade for Upland Game & Waterfowl

If the "wild flavor" of larger birds, such as pheasants, prairie chickens, etc., is disliked, they may be soaked over night in salt water, or two or three hours in soda and water, or parboiled with an onion or two in the water, and cooked as desired.   The coarser kinds of game such as geese ducks, etc., may lie in salt water for several hours, or be parboiled in it with an onion inside each to absorb the rank flavor, and afterwards thoroughly rinsed in clear water, stuffed and roasted; or pare a fresh lemon without breaking the thin, white, inside skin, put inside the game for a day or two, renewing the lemon every twelve hours.

Buckeye Cookery 1877