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Poached Whitefish

Number of Servings: 2Walleye


2 fillets of Whitefish (skin on)
2 butter pats
Salt and pepper


Use a covered double boiler or raised bed on a covered roasting pan.  Use plain water for poaching.
Lay fillets skin side down on raised bed.
Salt and pepper to taste
Put 1 pat of butter on each fillet.
Poach until fillets are white and flaky - about 5 minutes.

Notes & Variations:

Whitefish may be poached with the skin removed from the fillets.
The entire fish may also be poached and the bones will separate easily.
Whitefish are generally used for smoking because they are very uniform in shape for consistent drying and smoking; however, they make excellent poached table fare.

Contributor: John Hall, RRGC