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Marinade Recipes
Raspberry/Chili Glaze


1 bottle chili sauce (16 oz)
1 jar raspberry jam (16 oz)
1 cup of raspberry vinegar


To prepare the glaze put the raspberry vinegar in a large skillet and reduce the vinegar to about half the original volume.
Then add chili sauce and jam. Heat over medium-low heat until melted.
Place the cooked meat balls in the glaze and keep warm until served.
(This glaze is used in the Bear Balls with Raspberry/Chili glaze recipe)

Notes & Variations:

Change the glaze by omitting the vinegar and using any type of jelly for a new flavor.
This glaze is excellent with Little Smokey Sausages and should go well with meat balls from venison (deer, elk, moose) as well as other stronger flavored meats.

Contributor:  Marilyn Steele, RRGC